Welcome IDLI HUT

As you cruise through Indore's culinary belts, stop at 'Idli Hut'- the ultimate Idli destination. A venture of Khatushyam Foodworks,'Idli Hut'is registered with the Trade Marks Registry.

We at 'Idli Hut' satisfy your craving for mouth-watering and tempting South Indian cuisine, offering you a plethora of dishes to choose from. We have managed to tickle the Indorean palate with our ingenuity dishing out more than 25 varieties of soft, flower petals like Idlis from our kitchen. Not only this, we treat your taste buds to more than 19 varieties of the crispiest and crunchiest Dosas also. Come and bite into pocket-friendly Uttapam and discover the exotic flavours of 'rice'-the fabric of life. If you have a nose for the tangy and pungent 'sambhar' you couldn't ask for more.'Idli Hut' is the only answer to your hunger for South Indian delights. And for that extra zing, we have an array of 'beverages' to pick from.


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